Friday, November 21, 2008

Feeling Better Maybe..??

Am craving ordinary chicken soup today, can you believe, it is going to be 30C here and I want soup. My gut is pretty ravaged so I know it will be the best thing for me.

I must be feeling better, the untidiness here is bugging the crap out of me. I want to do something about it and am getting restless and antsy because I can't. Matilda is home with me today and is an angel, she is making the soup for me (no mean feat for a vegetarian - we work well as a team, I'll do the chickeny bits). She has told me not to stress, that she will tidy for me when she is done with the soup. I really don't cope well with mess and John and the boys are messy...untidy. I think it's a boy doesn't seem to bother them if there are piles of stuff all over the place. I knew it when we moved in together so in part I have to suck it up, however, they in turn knew that I like to be tidy and it works both ways.

I will add in John's defence that he has been carrying a huge load this last couple of weeks...he works every day then comes home to have to prepare dinner and get organised for the next day, I'm no help at all and feel pretty useless.

It's not a big ask to expect people to pick up after themselves, is it..?? To wipe down the bench when finished preparing a meal or snack...(and with wet cloth NOT the side of your hand on to the floor so it leaves smears across the bench that boys are blind to)...??

Any suggestions..?? How do I get all of the kids to pick up after themselves without being asked...?? One suggestion was to "impound" anything left out at the end of the day. It wouldn't take long for them to "remember" then but it seems pretty drastic.



Watercolor said...

Impounding works. It works wonders.

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that you are on the mend!

My husband is the EXACT same way - and Cooper is following right in his footsteps. There could be enough dog hair collected on the carpet to make a new dog and he wouldn't even bat an eye! We have started impounding around here - it does seem drastic, but my 3-year-old is catching on pretty quick to the fact that if he doesn't pick his toys up, they disappear! Good luck!

Lissy said...

I'm not this extreme, but I heard of a family who had an old pillowcase in the lounge room who used to EAT toys left in there. The mum would say "OK, you have 24 hours to put it away or it goes to St Vinnies 2nd hand shop!!"
Let me know mate...looking forward to learning more about helping BOYS