Monday, September 29, 2008

Where The Blog Are You..??

Well, seeing you asked...

I'm still here, thanks to all of you who have emailed. My computer time is somewhat limited with my back being in the state it is in at present, see previous post. Sitting down can be painful so I tend to stand or just limit my time here.

This posts title also refers to a new project I have decided to become part of for Australian Bloggers. It's called Where The Blog Are You..?? Head on over and have a look. There is a new button on my blog list that will also take you there. If you would like to join I'm sure Louisa would love to have you...the details are on her site.

I have to jump in the shower, get dressed and get Matilda's passport application lodged today but will be back this afternoon with a long post...promise.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Out Of Action & Best Ever Banana Cake...

Have been somewhat out of action with sciatic pain this week, I needed some serious painkillers just to get out of bed and be mobile. Mind you, I had overdone it on Saturday while helping out at Matilda's cheerleading carnival. I offered to supervise the sub-juniors...they are 3-4 years old and were the sweetest group of little ones. Between myself and one other parent we had 4 children to care for for about an hour and a half. We needed to dress them in their costumes for their dance and keep them amused until their second routine. At interval they went back to their parents who were in the audience in the stands. It was a fantastic night...the moon was full, there were around 2,700 dancers and cheerleaders. It was an organisers nightmare but it seemed to go off without a hitch.

I digress a little...

It proved to be too much for my back. A little history first for you...I have an extra vertebrae, most people have 5 lumbar vertebrae, I have an L6 and it's this that is causing me problems. L6 has slipped underneath L5 so instead of sitting neatly on top of each other allowing my spinal cord to pass through, L6 has compressed my spinal cord causing significant sciatic pain...also quite a bit of pain in my bladder, bowel and other internal organs...all nerves leading to these organs branch out from where the compression is occurring. Some days are better than others. Physio has helped somewhat but will not cure me. It is seeming like surgery is my only "choice". I have been under the care of a neurosurgeon for about a year now and had an MRI last Saturday morning to check how things have changed since my last one (Dec, 2007).

I don't particularly like my Neurosurgeon...he is somewhat of a perfectionist, arrogant and aloof, his bedside manner needs significant work. I see him for no more than ten minutes at a time and for this privilege I pay him no less than $120.00.


If someone is going to be cutting into me and playing God with my spine, an arrogant, aloof perfectionist is the person I want for the job. I am more than happy to forego the warm fuzzies providing my ability to move about unimpaired is not compromised and even improved. I have an appointment in the 2nd October to discuss the MRI results and what comes next. I'll keep you posted and in the meantime will keep up the drugs.

I digress again...I'm good at that...

While laid up yesterday I watched an older episode of Better Homes & Gardens on Foxtel. Maeve O'Meara cooked a fantastic Banana Cake with Caramel Custard Topping. I took down the recipe and made it this afternoon. It's sitting waiting for Matilda & myles to get home from school to cut into...I am hanging out for some but just can't bring myself to do it on my own, that would not be right, I like to enjoy such treats with others.

I tried before to copy the recipe but silly blogger kept trying to change the text colour & font so I gave up and instead you will find the link HERE...

Enjoy, it's quite easy and looks just like the photo...!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Currently Reading...

I'm currently reading The Household Guide To Dying by Debra Adelaide. Have had it for about 10 days now and have finally finished my previous book, Don't Call Me Ishmael (a young adult book that I adored, it has a laugh a page).

Verdict thus far...unputdownable...

Last night I stayed up with my book until 2.20am savouring the silence and peace of the house after everyone else had gone to bed. Okay, I probably really only read until about 1.15am or so. (...that much I do know as I got up at 12.45 to make a hot chocolate and finished drinking it so timewise that fits...). Yep, I fell asleep on the sofa...snuggled in a blanket, cushions behind my head, our smoochy Burmese cat Leo purring on my lap keeping me warm...hopeless I am, just hopeless. I woke quite stiff and sore, wondered if it was worth my while staying where I was or whether I should get up and go to bed...was almost too tired to do so. I contemplated this for a good ten minutes and felt myself slipping slowly back into slumber

In the end I opted for bed, knowing I would get more sleep there come morning. I was in luck, John had been sprawled across the bed, my side was still warm. I snuggled up to his back and slept again.

Feeling a bit tired this evening as a result, my eyes are a little scratchy. Had a lovely day out shopping today at Freedom Furniture with my cousin Joan,,,bought a new laundry hamper and a lovely shower curtain for the kids bathroom. I wasn't relishing cooking dinner this evening but Matilda has offered to cook Bean & Corn Enchiladas, the sweetheart...of course I said "Yes please..." She & Myles are busy in the kitchen now.

John should be home shortly, I feel a bottle of wine might just be liberated from the cellar tonight. Friday evenings are often relaxed and indulgent here...definitely an ice cream kind of night tonight. Enjoy yours wherever you are, I hope it's with those who love you.

Speaking of love...if you haven't already found Snickollet's blog from my blogroll, pop on over and read her news. Her husband and father of their two year old twins Riley & Maddie died of Pancreatic Cancer around 18 months ago. She has struggled in so many ways since John died. Just recently she has dipped her big toe back in the shallow end of the dating pool. She writes bravely and hear her happiness is so heartwarming & contagious. Her blog is a favourite of mine.

Also Buddha Girls' blog entry for today, it brought me to tears. Teachers like her are diamonds.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Very Quick Matilda Update...

No more drama with the braces wire for Matilda, it passed with no problem, x-rays reveal a perfectly healthy, intact gut.

She saw the Orthodontist yesterday and he replaced the wire with a heavier gauge one, fingers crossed that it won't break, it's unlikely. He also did her first big adjustment, she has had her braces on for 3 months now and the difference it has made already is quite significant. Her eye teeth, her "fangs" as she called them, have slipped into the place created by removing her two molars, it has been amazing to see how quickly her teeth have moved. He also complimented her on her excellent oral hygiene with the braces. Next appointment for adjustment will be November 19th, that's 10 weeks away.

Today she is in pain though...quite a lot of pain and her teeth are very sensitive. She can only eat soft foods so we have packed creamed rice and yoghurt (x2) in her lunch box for tomorrow. Tonight she had scrambled eggs for dinner...poor possum. I sent her to bed dosed up on Panadeine tonight, she was very wakeful last night...she has two more beside her bed in case she wakes in pain again. I don't really dose up on drugs at every little ache & pain but this pain is very unpleasant, there is no need to put up with it.

Thanks everyone for your care and concern over the wire incident. Thankfully the worst that happened was a night without sleep.

Friday, September 5, 2008

All Tarted Up...

Was feeling so blah need of some indulgence and a pick me up so booked myself in for a haircut today. This morning I was still feeling blah and almost cancelled but am glad I didn't.

While having my hair washed (I so love someone washing my hair for me) I was talking to the young apprentice at the salon about her training. She was telling me she now was able to do waxing and eyelash tinting.


I thought, what the hell and had both done. I have never had my eyelashes tinted before and it was quite an experience. Had to sit with my eyes shut for almost 15 minutes, much harder than it I would have thought. I had my iPod with me and plugged in to one of my podcasts so the time passed quickly. She then waxed my brows...I have very few brows, quite light considering my hair is almost black but it feels good to have them tidied up. Mind you, it hurts like hell, I just cannot imagine having large areas waxed...the pain...I'd need a general anaesthetic...!!! The cost of both "beauty" treatments...??? A mere $16.50.

I left the salon feeling pretty for somewhere to go out...!!!