Friday, July 25, 2008

Beautiful Baby Boy...Soren...

Today is a special day. Nine years ago my friend Karin at The Sum Of Mum gave birth to her beautiful son Soren. Devastatingly. Soren developed a massive E.coli infection and two days later he died.

Karin and her husband have had a heartbreaking struggle to raise a family here on earth. Karin writes so honestly and poignantly about all of their their children, both those who died too soon as well as their beautiful son Magnus who was born on 1st December, 2004 and came home for them to raise.

Please visit her blog and say hello.

Happy Birthday Soren...9 years old...where has the time gone..?? Both a blink and an eternity all at once. (((((Karin))))) and your family have been at the fore of my thoughts all day. I hope Soren's birthday has been gentle for you.

With so much love...and so many (((((((hugs)))))))

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Older We Get...

...the harder we fall...

Last Friday I had a terrific day out. I won some tickets to a live show and broadcast by ABC Brisbane for the launch of the Brisbane Festival. It was held in the Famous Spiegeltent which has come to own for the festival duration.

I trekked into the city on the train, met my cousin Joan and had (an unfortunately mediocre) early lunch. We made our way to the Spiegeltent and queued up for entry. The inside of the tent is just spectacular. It's a Belgian Beer Tent and fitted out in art deco style, rich red & gold fabric, gorgeous stained glass, cherub chandeliers hanging from the tent roof.

The ABC 612 Afternoon Show hosted by Richard Fidler (formerly of the Doug Anthony All Stars) was being broadcast live and an exciting afternoon's entertainment was promised. Richard is a very charming host, intelligent & congenial and I listen to his show almost daily.

During the 2pm news I went out into the street in search of a cold drink. I whizzed across the road and picked up a takeaway cafe latte and a couple of cold drinks and headed back. I was hurrying but not outrageously so when very suddenly I found myself hurtling through the air towards the footpath in George Street. In what seemed like an eternity but was only seconds I had hit the ground landing on my face, coffee and drinks flew from my hands and my purse disappeared from sight, sunglasses skewed across my was not pretty let me tell you, not pretty at all.

Very fortunately there were a number of very concerned and kindly people who came to my assistance, helping me to my feet and leading me to sit for a few moments and collect my thoughts and breath. One man in particular was very concerned and wanted to escort me back to the Spiegeltent but instead just saw me across the road after my insisting I was okay.

Once safely inside again I went to pieces, began to shiver from shock and had to hold back the tears. I inspected the damage...painful right elbow, both knees very sore, felt like I had shredded the skin on them but didn't want to drop my pants in public to check. My back (which has been giving me a lot of trouble) was throbbing and I could feel the pain down my leg. By far though the greatest injury though was to my pride...I felt terribly foolish, especially because I cannot work out how it happened. Did I blank out for a moment..?? Stumble on uneven ground..?? I just cannot remember. Very fortunately I won't have to face any of the people who came to assist me again.

Do you know something though..?? I don't know how it happened, or didn't happen as the case may have been, but the drinks and the coffee remained intact...!!! The glass bottles did not break and the lid stayed on the coffee, just a trickle escaped. Astonishing...a miracle perhaps..?? After all, there is a Pope in town.

I relaxed and was able to enjoy the rest of the show, then Joan & I walked over the river to South Brisbane Station to get the train home. I had to stand almost all the way and was very sore and could feel my joints beginning to ache by the time I got home. I have spent the weekend in quite a bit of pain, especially my back and the bruises that have emerged on my knees and elbow.

It could have been a lot worse, I can see how easily it must happen to elderly people and how confused and shaken they must feel, it must really rock their confidence.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

...and I thought I had seen it all...

This afternoon Matilda and I went to see Mamma Mia...we felt like a girls afternoon out and couldn't think of anything better to do. The film was great fun, we loved it...I remembered all of the lyrics to the soundtrack (as did many others in the audience judging from the singing) and it was fun spotting the ABBA cameos. I want to swim in the sea surrounding the Greek Islands now, it was turquoise and glittery, just beautiful.

Afterwards we wandered through the Asian Grocery Store near the cinema. I love those places, always full of strange & wonderful ingredients...we do quite a bit of shopping there. I was perusing the toiletries/personal hygiene section and look what I found...


Utterly bizarre...!!! Are pink nipples desired by Asian women...or perhaps Asian men..?? There was also various unguents to whiten armpits and facial skin, to get rid of stretch marks and cellulite, to whiten teeth and burn fat.

...and I thought I had seen it all...

And yes, for those who are curious, I did buy a tube (on sale at $7.50)...I just had captured my sense of the absurd. Not sure if I will ever try it out though. Perhaps I can use it on one nipple and have the other as the "control" sample.

Will keep you posted.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Feel Good Video...

Thanks to my friend Lynda and a whole host of bloggers before her for this's feel-good & priceless...makes you want to get up and dance.

Enjoy...and feel free to borrow for your own blog, but please link it back to mine.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


On Tuesday we were home in the afternoon just pottering around. I have had a tummy bug and wasn't up to a lot so the first couple of days of the holidays had been rather quiet.

I heard a (rather large) delivery truck pull up in the street and a short while later a man knocked at the door. He had our new pool table to be delivered...!!! Kids very excited, they knew nothing about it. However, neither did I...!!! A quick phone call to John confirmed that yes, indeed it was meant to be delivered...he laughed loudly at my incredulousness (is that a word..??)

John had neglected to mention that he had bid for it (successfully it seems) last Friday. He wasn't even sure he had won it until Monday and because I was ill and slept the whole day away he hadn't told me. I was quite incredulous. The kids are pretty happy about it, will give them something to fill in some holiday hours.

It was a fantastic buy came with cues, balls, triangle, chalk...all we need to get playing. It is apparently valued at around $2,500 but a bargain at $350, mind you, it cost $200 to get it to Brisbane from Sydney but even so it's still a bargain. Have a look at Gray's Online for similar bargains.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Proud Mama Here...

Being the end of the first school semester, it's school report time here...

Myles brought home an impressive report last week...excellent results in Maths, English & SOSE but more important for him, excellent results in attitude to work. He has only been at his school since the beginning of the year. We made the decision to change schools after a series of unfortunate events at his previous a nutshell there was a distinct lack of warmth and communication. His end of year school report was distressing to read...mostly because it wasn't a true reflection of Myles. At the beginning of the year we spoke with the deputy principal at his school and raised some concerns at his having to study German and Music, both subjects he had never studied before...we were assured that it wouldn't be a problem, that the teachers would be informed and allowances made. This did not happen. The teachers then both complained at the end of the year (via his school report) that he had been not trying and had been disruptive in class all year. And we find this out in December...!!!??? If this had been a problem all year why was it not addressed with us much, much earlier...??? There were two other critical incidents that led us to think that we did not want this school preparing Myles for secondary education, so the decision was made.

At the start of the year we enrolled Myles at his current school, he wasn't at all happy about having to change yet again, in fact he was downright hostile but after day 1 he was sold on his teacher, as were John & I. There are very few teachers in the public school system with their Doctorate in Education...we have one of them. Mr. Y. is warm, funny, dedicated, committed, honest and approachable...also sporty and competitive. Myles idolises him and he has huge respect from his students and their parents alike. He is the most requested for teacher at the school. His comments on Myles school report reflect Myles true nature, he has him sussed right out, there is nothing Myles wouldn't do for him.

Matilda's school report came in the mail yesterday. As per usual we expected it to be good, she routinely brings home excellent school results, always has, right from Prep. This time it was outstanding, STRAIGHT A's...!!!

Her teachers commented that her excellent results were due to good organisation, excellent research skills and attention to detail. She also received all A's for classroom conduct and attitude to work. They also said that she was a pleasure to teach and that they love having her in their classroom.

Can't ask for much more than that really can we...??? While they can be difficult and hard to motivate at times at home, it's good to know that we can send them out into the world and they know how to conduct themselves in a way that will do themselves and us proud.

So, apart from lavish praise and letting them know that we are very proud of their efforts and achievements, we decided that the longed for trip to Dreamworld, (see most recent post), would happen these school holidays.

Secretly, I'm looking forward to going too..!!!