Friday, November 7, 2008

Can He Fix It...???

I knew the Obama camp's "Yes We Can..." slogan was familiar but couldn't really place it until I heard this's a hoot and the work of 774 ABC Melbourne producer Michael Taft.

Can He Fix It..??

I love it...

I missed out on posting yesterday...went out for lunch and did a little shopping and was wrecked afterwards, in a lot of pain so I slept.

Will two posts today still count for NaBloPoMo..?? I think we can be a bit flexible due to personal circumstances.

Can't we..??

Yes We Can...!!!


Kori said...

Of course we can! I give you permission, ha ha.

Tracy, mom2many said...

brilliant! LMAO

But I *like* Bob, not so much Barak. Ah well, I hope he can fix it.

Watercolor said...

Thank goodness We DID!!!!

Lilly's Life said...

Of course you can!! Hopefully that pain will soon be a thing of the past. Stay well.

Lissy said...

LOL - great sampling with Bob the Builder.

Except for the pain that sounds like a lovely day - shopping & lunching...three days to go Kerrie?

Sending much love from COLD SYDNEY - Bonnie's off to a POOL PARTY this afternoon would you believe...brrrrr.