Saturday, June 4, 2011

Out With The Girls...

Had a delightful night out last night with some dear friends. Some I know quite well, others I am loving getting to know much better. Headed to the best woodfired pizza place in town for some laughs and a drink or three.

Had a really manic day at work...our Food Safety Audit is on Monday & I spent almost three hours overtime making sure things were in order. I have inherited a crappy mess and it has taken some time to get it sorted...the person who did my job before me seems to have neglected to keep the appropriate records, a nightmare to sort out. Showering & getting ready to go out were the last things I felt like doing but it was so worth the effort.

I digress...

The first gin & tonic didn't touch the sides, it was closely followed by another and a third. So good to unwind. All the usual topics were discussed...dead beat ex-boyfriends, childbirth (one of us is 34 weeks pregnant and is a surrogate for dear friends), best-ever sex, worst-ever sex...many laughs had, much pizza eaten & a few bottles of red downed.

Good times all round. Shell, Janelle, Nancy, Karen, Lou & Adele...I had a great evening, looking forward to the next one. Lou B...missed you, hope you are feeling much better today.