Thursday, January 7, 2010

Heading Beachward...

Seems like I have only just signed back into the Blogosphere and I am now signing out for a couple of weeks.

Tomorrow we are heading down the coast to a sleepy little town, Cabarita Beach...located just south of the N.S.W. - Queensland border. The beaches are magnificent, wild at times but patrolled over Summer and we are a short drive from the Lamington National Park to the west and Byron Bay to the south. We spent a week there in September and enjoyed it so much that we signed up for two weeks this time. The apartment we stayed in has everything you need, only need to take clothing, toiletries and food. Last time there were a number of young teenage boys around...we didn't see Myles for the whole time we were in the apartment...he was in heaven.

Two weeks...two whole weeks of no real plans other than reading, sleeping and eating (we found the best fish & chip shop ever last time). John has 4 weeks off starting as of lunchtime tomorrow and we are all looking forward to spending time together away from the distractions of home. I purchased some books online with a gift card I received for Christmas and they arrived this morning...Julie & Julia by Julie Powell and Forbidden Fruit by Kerry Greenwood, just what I need for holiday devouring.

Will see how I go as far as internet access goes, I would prefer to leave the laptop at home and just check email every few days using the facilities there, we'll see.

Catch you in two weeks...hopefully rested & relaxed.

Monday, January 4, 2010

He's done it again...

Around 18 months ago I posted about a surprise delivery I received when home one afternoon.

Guess what, he's done it again...

This morning, (I hadn't long been up) we heard the parcel delivery man in the driveway. We are expecting a few deliveries, (new mobile phones, books I had ordered) so I expected it would be one of these.

But no, the delivery man is making his way to the door, utterly swamped by a rather large box, considerably larger than I had expected for what we had ordered. Upon investigation it appeared that the contents matched the photographs on the box and it contained this...
...a new espresso machine...I had no idea it was coming, not a clue...

Our last machine bit the dust a while back and we have been managing without one since then. It will be lovely to have a fully automated machine again with glorious, thick, black liquid at the press of a button.

I do love surprises...!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 2010...

After a hiatus of sorts, I'm back.

There have been a number of reasons I took a break, which I won't go into here, some I can't even really put my finger on.

I have missed my corner of the Blog-O-Sphere and the friends I have made...I have been reading, sometimes commenting, so I am up with all of your news. Thanks to all of you who missed me and emailed to check I was okay. Your care and concern warms my heart.

Hope you all had as gentle and relaxed a Christmas as we did and that 2010 brings a little joy your way.