Thursday, June 5, 2008

Word of The Week

Inspired by red-faced Victorian MP Jason Wood...ouch...!!!

You can read about his gaffe here

mal-a-prop-ism (n): act or habit of misusing words ridiculously, esp. by the confusion of words that are similar in sound. instance of this, as in “Lead the way and we'll precede.”


Lissy said...


Lissy said...

Oh, & in response to your response on my Blog...oh yes. We sound like we enjoy very similar things. Oh for a lovely warm crackling fireplace with lovely hot mugs of coffee & books/music etc in snuggly clothes - like flannel PJs. Bliss!
Only 2 episodes left of Bed of Roses AND I thought Jane Austen was last night, but it's tonight. WOO HOO!!!!!!!
I'll just have to tackle the dishes first...UGGG.