Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Well, what will they think of next..??

For many years now I have been highly allergic to shellfish. They have rather a nasty effect on me, sending my heart into an irregular rhythm called atrial flutter. So much so that I need an ambulance trip to hospital to have it shocked back into normal sinus rhythm as it won't respond to medication. My heart quite likes being in flutter, it's quite a stable rhythm

About 5 years ago I had a surgical procedure to prevent it recurring.
Of course, the best method to stop it recurring would be not to eat shellfish, that's obvious, but sometimes they are hidden so sneakily, especially in Asian foods and pastes. Occasionally I have eaten something that contains shellfish and really know about it afterwards, I feel uncomfortable and my heart tries hard to go into flutter.

Fast forward a few years...

With my current back & sciatic problems it was suggested I take the new wonder compound glucosamine. Fantastic idea, except that the major ingredient in it is shellfish. Well, guess what I found today..?? A vegetarian, plant-derived glucosamine, suitable for vegetarians/vegans and those like myself, who cannot tolerate shellfish. What's more, it contains the same amount of glucosamine as the fish based products and even more importantly, it doesn't cost any more..!!


Dan said...


Thanks for the info about Atrial Flutter. I thought Ablation would cure it, but it sounds like you are still susceptible to it with shell fish. Is that right?

My doctor tells me mine is under control with medication. I check my heart rate several times a day now just in case.


Lissy said...

Hi Kerrie,
(((hugs))). I guess Matilda is happy you are going to try some vegetarian pills ;-)
What DON'T they make these days?