Thursday, June 12, 2008

Fifteen Years Ago Today... darling baby daughter Matilda was conceived...!!!

12th June, 1993...

It was central Hobart, the start of Winter on the Queens Birthday holiday weekend and Geoff & I were looking forward to getting up and going to Salamanca Market followed by a trip up the mountain to see the snow. He had flown over from Melbourne the night before and we had been out to dinner for fragrant Thai food, then called in at our local pub for a Guinness or three and stumbled home just as the first snowflakes of Winter were falling in the city.

We woke to a snow blanketed was so still and silent outside. The air in my bedroom was that cold that our breath was foggy...I got up, laid & lit my bedroom fireplace and got back into bed. We lingered a little longer and they rest they say, is history.

Geoff is no longer in our lives, in fact he disappeared shortly after we learned Matilda was on her way. It's sad that he chooses not to be a part of Matilda's life, she is a remarkable young woman and I am very privileged to be her's sad for her and sad for him, sad for his sons who have a big sister they don't know, sad for his parents who don't understand his actions.

I wish him nothing but well though, for sometime I was angry, then ambivalent. Now I think of him with fondness and often give thanks for the parts of my life he introduced me to, but thanks especially for my daughter.

Matilda Rose Elliot was born 12th March, 1994...nine months to the day from her conception.


Tracy, mom2many said...

I'm sad for him too. I only know Matilda through your writings, but how anyone with the opportunity to know that lovely young lady in person could resist is unfathomable. It says so much more about him than her.

Happy conception day!!

Karin said...

Happy Conception day! LOL That is a good one, Tracy.

Matilda is such a lovely young lady. I'm so glad that she was conceived and is with you today! It would be easier to be angry at her father than to feel grateful. It must have taken a lot of soul searching to reach that point. Gratitude can fill the heart with joy and that is never a bad thing.

Dr. Joanne Cacciatore said...

She is so beautiful Kerrie- just sooo beautiful.

What a gift!