Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rambling...time for surgery...

Last weekend was a tough one...I saw a new Surgeon on Friday, an Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in spinal work. I received a quote for my surgery from the previous Surgeon (Neurosurgeon) and the out of pocket costs were to come to more than $4,000...!!!

For a $7,000 procedure, (laminectomy with spinal fusion), more than half of it we were going to have to pay ourselves. It seemed outrageous and downright extortionate to me. So, armed with a list of Medibank Private preferred surgeons I made several phone calls and found one who will do the surgery with no co-payment, he will invoice Medicare and Medibank Private and that will be it as far as his costs go. It sounded good to me so I made an appointment for 5th November but then was lucky enough to get in last Friday due to a cancellation.

In a nutshell...I really liked him, he spent an hour and a quarter with me, (the other one I have seen 4 times and would be lucky if I have spent a total of 20 minutes with in total) wanted to know all about my home life and family and the impact this was having. He did a thorough physical examination, (which the other doctor didn't do, he has never once touched me) and explained the procedure completely, again something the other surgeon didn't do. I'll be so glad to get it over with and start to recover, it will take up to 3 months but at least I will be making progress, I can manage that. I was having a huge down day, very hard on myself and seeing him helped big time.

The best bit is that he can do the surgery on the 11th November, a week before the other one could. I'll be in hospital for a week, should be walking by the next morning after surgery.

The weekend was tough as when the Surgeon did a really thorough physical examination, it caused quite a bit of pain, it was unpleasant on Saturday, had shooting, burning nerve pain down both legs, it was hard to get around...I spent most of the day lying flat on my back. I have reduced the number of painkillers I have been taking too, I doubt they were really effective and were making me feel ill constantly. Have already noticed my head is clearer. The surgeon I saw on Friday came up with a schedule of seems to be more effective, the last two days have been good ones.

Fingers crossed the next two weeks pass quickly and uneventfully. I have an appointment with the anaesthetist on Friday then it's just a matter of waiting until the 11th. I have had to go out and get some new PJ's though, only had one pair that was suitable for wearing in public...!!!

Oh, and it seems Matilda's passport application has been approved without having to get her father's signature on the form. I spoke to the passports office last Friday and they were going to rubber stamp it that day, we should have it here by this coming Friday...excellent news...!!!


Watercolor said...

Soooo glad you found a surgeon you like. Finding a good doctor is so hard and so important. I am sorry you are in such pain. I know how horrible that is. You are in my prayers.

Have fun finding good pj's. :)

And glad the passport was approved w/o her father. Woohooo!

Kel said...

sounds like a good public health surgeon. Its funny how to us here in oz 4000 is pricey but in the US people face costs of nearer 100K for surgery like that. yay passport office, red phone 'n'all. Jammie shopping, one word, fun, but have to pick what kinda woman you are...satin...elmo...shorties..matching..

Kerrie said...

Not satin, not Elmo, no hideous cartoonish pics on my PJ's either...why is it that many women's PJ's have cows on them..??

Picked some up this morning just from Target - separates, 100% interlock cotton, both tops are singlets with a little lace trim, pants are pink & blue with white spots, functional & practical, cool & comfy.

I have no use for Summer PJ's other than for in hospital...I don't wear them to bed. I love Winter PJ's though after a shower on a cold night, very snuggly, but still don't wear them to bed...John radiates heat, I get too warm.

Maybe a little TMI... :-)

Lynda said...

Congrats on finding what souns like a really good surgeon. November 12th will be here before we know it. You know you are always in my thoughts. And "wooohoooo" about the passport, too!

Lissy said...

Hmmm...hubba hubba about the TMI section in your reply :-)

So happy that things are moving forward in a way that you are satisfied with.

And YAY about the passport. Congratulations!!

I have replied to your TAG you wicked woman.

There is MUCH going on here - I might have send you a long & newsy email perhaps?

Love to you all,