Monday, September 29, 2008

Where The Blog Are You..??

Well, seeing you asked...

I'm still here, thanks to all of you who have emailed. My computer time is somewhat limited with my back being in the state it is in at present, see previous post. Sitting down can be painful so I tend to stand or just limit my time here.

This posts title also refers to a new project I have decided to become part of for Australian Bloggers. It's called Where The Blog Are You..?? Head on over and have a look. There is a new button on my blog list that will also take you there. If you would like to join I'm sure Louisa would love to have you...the details are on her site.

I have to jump in the shower, get dressed and get Matilda's passport application lodged today but will be back this afternoon with a long post...promise.


Louisa said...

Hi Kerrie, thanks for posting about the site! I've added you to the indexes over there too...Cheers, Louisa

Carly said...

Oh Kerri,

Sciatic pain is the worst. I had it throughout all three of my pregnancies. Some days I couldn't even walk. It hurts to sit too! Even lying down was bad at some points. I remember being hunched of like an elderly woman just because I needed to get into a position where it didn't hurt.. Hope that you get some relief soon!

Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog :)

It is lovely to meet you :)

Love Carly x

buddha_girl said...

You've been sorely missed!

Please take care of your back as best you can! You've been on my mind.

Lynda said...

Sure is good to see you back in Blog World.

Take care of yourself and keep on trouncing me in Scrabble!

Lissy said...

This is a LITTLE late, but hey - we're just about finished cooking your Banana & Caramel Sauce's about to be cooled on the bench before we devour it. I am really drooling....

Hope you're hanging in there :-)

WHERE'S THAT LONG POST??? Not that I'm nagging or anything.