Friday, August 1, 2008

Absent Blogger...

My apologies for being so absent this week.

John has been rather unwell with what seems may be Meniere's Disease and we have been doing the run around of visiting doctors and having various diagnostic tests.

Last Monday at work he had quite sudden onset of ear pain, vertigo, unbalance and total deafness in his right ear. It was quite frightening and he was taken by ambulance to a private hospital with an ER.

Well, almost $250 and many hours later there were no answers. The following morning we were able to speak to his General Practitioner who was able to get us in to be seen by a specialist ENT Medico...he was brilliant.

He is taking a cocktail of medications, still not really having a definite diagnosis though. He is feeling a little less vertiginous but isn't sure whether it is due to his condition actually improving or the medication masking his symptoms. Either way he is getting some relief from the hideous vertigo and nausea that accompanies it.

He is an impatient patient suffering a little from cabin fever. He's also not one to complain when he is unwell, he is very stoic and will carry on until he just can't any longer. He's not good at being cared for, which quite frankly is driving me a little crazy. I want to care for him, want to make sure he is okay and to get him what he needs. Earlier in the week he had no choice but to let me and that was really difficult for him. I hear there are many men out there who have "full blown 'flu and are dying" when all they have is a sniffle or at best a head cold...I'm not sure which I would prefer to be living with.

We are going back to the ENT doctor on Monday, prior to this appointment he has to have a hearing test. The not so good news is that while the vertigo should pass there is the strong possibility that his hearing may not return. If there is little or no improvement in his condition after a couple of weeks he will be sent for an MRI...this is where the potential diagnosis gets scary. The positive side of this is that acoustic neuromas are always benign...they have to be removed and the surgery isn't pleasant but it willbe benign.

Hopefully it won't get to this.

So life has been hectic here...thankfully towards the end of the week we had a couple of days at home and John rested, he needs to rest.

Tomorrow morning I am on football duty, Myles has to be at footy at 9am...he is playing at a ground in the far northern suburbs, about as far north as the district goes. We need to leave here by 8.15 at the latest so I will bid you all a goodnight, wish you sweet dreams and hopefully post more regularly next week.

Actually, I just looked at my diary for next week...the dreaded mammogram looms...

Oh joy...


buddha_girl said...

Here's to John receiving a good bill of health.

My Mom's husband had some VERY similar symptoms and ended up finding out that he had what amounted to a STROKE in his EAR. I don't get it, still to this day. His pain, vertigo, and other symptoms are all gone - except for the loss of hearing. He gained a teeny bit back but has to rely on his 'good' ear now. Keep me updated! I hate this for you!

Lissy said...

Oh Kerrie...ahhhhh!!!!!!! Screaming with frustration for you. Love to you all. There's nothing worse than someone you love being so dreadfully you know well. (((hugs))) sweetie,

Lynda said...

OMG - You and John are in my thoughts.

Ken said...

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