Thursday, July 3, 2008


On Tuesday we were home in the afternoon just pottering around. I have had a tummy bug and wasn't up to a lot so the first couple of days of the holidays had been rather quiet.

I heard a (rather large) delivery truck pull up in the street and a short while later a man knocked at the door. He had our new pool table to be delivered...!!! Kids very excited, they knew nothing about it. However, neither did I...!!! A quick phone call to John confirmed that yes, indeed it was meant to be delivered...he laughed loudly at my incredulousness (is that a word..??)

John had neglected to mention that he had bid for it (successfully it seems) last Friday. He wasn't even sure he had won it until Monday and because I was ill and slept the whole day away he hadn't told me. I was quite incredulous. The kids are pretty happy about it, will give them something to fill in some holiday hours.

It was a fantastic buy came with cues, balls, triangle, chalk...all we need to get playing. It is apparently valued at around $2,500 but a bargain at $350, mind you, it cost $200 to get it to Brisbane from Sydney but even so it's still a bargain. Have a look at Gray's Online for similar bargains.


buddha_girl said...

Oooooooooh I am SO jealous! Green with envy and all that. A pool table would mean pure joy in the Buddha home. My Husband Guy loves the whole cue stick and ball game!

Give John a high-five from me - he made a killing on that table!

Lynda said...

Pool Sharks?? lol - congrats!