Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Perfect Summer Day...

Had a delightful day with Matilda & Myles began gently, no hurry to get going anywhere, we lingered over breakfast and I had a second and even a third cup of coffee...(we tried a new blend from Merlo Coffee this time and it's just, velvety with no bitter "grab" in your mouth, so hard to pass up a second & third cup. Just divine.

We picnicked today at Victoria Point, right on Moreton Bay. Last weekend we went out for a drive...mainly as it was incredibly hot and the aircon in the car beckoned. We happened upon this tiny little picnic area, right on the water, lovely & shady and very private. We claimed our space and enjoyed our alfresco lunch...somehow food always tastes better outdoors and by the water.

The tide was coming in so while we waited for the water to be deep enough to swim in Matilda & Myles climbed trees, played on the swings, did cartwheels, dug for crabs and pretty much just hung out doing kids stuff. They enjoy each other's company very much and get along so amazingly well, John & I consider ourselves so very blessed...they make family life so very easy.

I set myself up in a shady, grassy spot with my very comfy outdoor chair. I went equipped with books, a magazine & cryptic crossword but didn't open them once...the kids were such good company, great conversationalists and entertainers...being with them today was a great of those days where you feel that, as a parent, you must be doing something right.

It was still really hot here after dinner tonight...I opted for a swim over something on television...Matilda joined me. We had an absolute has been a long time since I "played" in the pool...we did handstands and somersaults in the water, went diving for toys, floated on our backs and watched the fruit bats flying past the almost full moon, discussed the meaning of life & the beauty of the Aurora Australis while trying to spot the satellites zooming by.

Feeling full to the brim and very content with my lot in life tonight, very content indeed.


Kel said...

i love those days whn youre almost popping with sheer contentment over your lot in life. its a priviledge indeed.

Lynda said...

What a beautiful post. I feel like I spent your day with you after reading this - beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow what heaven!
We're all freezing over here lately and your pictures warmed me up, but also made me just the teensiest bit jealous ;o)

Kori said...

you always post the most beautiful things, and yes, I too am slightly envious.

Watercolor said...

Sounds perfectly lovely!!!

buddha_girl said...

What an incredibly beautiful time with the family! I'm jealous - Virginia seems to be caught in some maelstrom from hell in weather circles. Rain. Rain. Overcast. Rain. Horrendous winds.

I took a lovely moment to baske in your day! You deserve every great day outdoors with the kids and John!

And the coffee? Delicious! You just inspired me to brew a pot before going out with Buddha this morning.