Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Proud Mama Here...

Being the end of the first school semester, it's school report time here...

Myles brought home an impressive report last week...excellent results in Maths, English & SOSE but more important for him, excellent results in attitude to work. He has only been at his school since the beginning of the year. We made the decision to change schools after a series of unfortunate events at his previous a nutshell there was a distinct lack of warmth and communication. His end of year school report was distressing to read...mostly because it wasn't a true reflection of Myles. At the beginning of the year we spoke with the deputy principal at his school and raised some concerns at his having to study German and Music, both subjects he had never studied before...we were assured that it wouldn't be a problem, that the teachers would be informed and allowances made. This did not happen. The teachers then both complained at the end of the year (via his school report) that he had been not trying and had been disruptive in class all year. And we find this out in December...!!!??? If this had been a problem all year why was it not addressed with us much, much earlier...??? There were two other critical incidents that led us to think that we did not want this school preparing Myles for secondary education, so the decision was made.

At the start of the year we enrolled Myles at his current school, he wasn't at all happy about having to change yet again, in fact he was downright hostile but after day 1 he was sold on his teacher, as were John & I. There are very few teachers in the public school system with their Doctorate in Education...we have one of them. Mr. Y. is warm, funny, dedicated, committed, honest and approachable...also sporty and competitive. Myles idolises him and he has huge respect from his students and their parents alike. He is the most requested for teacher at the school. His comments on Myles school report reflect Myles true nature, he has him sussed right out, there is nothing Myles wouldn't do for him.

Matilda's school report came in the mail yesterday. As per usual we expected it to be good, she routinely brings home excellent school results, always has, right from Prep. This time it was outstanding, STRAIGHT A's...!!!

Her teachers commented that her excellent results were due to good organisation, excellent research skills and attention to detail. She also received all A's for classroom conduct and attitude to work. They also said that she was a pleasure to teach and that they love having her in their classroom.

Can't ask for much more than that really can we...??? While they can be difficult and hard to motivate at times at home, it's good to know that we can send them out into the world and they know how to conduct themselves in a way that will do themselves and us proud.

So, apart from lavish praise and letting them know that we are very proud of their efforts and achievements, we decided that the longed for trip to Dreamworld, (see most recent post), would happen these school holidays.

Secretly, I'm looking forward to going too..!!!


Lissy said...

Standing ovation for Myles & Matilda...wild applause sent up to you from Sydney.
Well done...I love to hear that kids are finding the place in the world & the teachers in their lives are helping them & not creating more heartaches...
(An F- to Myles' previous teachers! Shame Shame Shame!!)
Much love to you Kerrie. So sorry to hear that you haven't been well. Some inner-health (acidophilus) powder can help the gut so much & even help with nausea. I try to keep stocked up here.

buddha_girl said...

Hooray for great kids! Hooray for good teachers! I'm so happy to hear that Myles made a good transition to the new school with the help of Mr. Y. Well done!

I clicked on the Dreamworld link - I am certain you'll all have a wonderful time. Buddha was sitting next to me while I perused the site, and he asked when HE gets to go. Har!

Tracy, mom2many said...

yeah for your sweet kiddos!!! It's just lovely when education and personality meet. A good teacher can make all the difference, but of course you have wonderful children for them to work with.