Sunday, August 2, 2009


My apologies for not being about much this week, for some unknown reason I couldn't log in to Blogger, am seriously thinking about switching to Word Press.

Please indulge me in a proud parent moment here...

Last Tuesday evening Matilda & I went to Parent/Teacher night at her school. I had never been before and decided that it would be the done thing to introduce myself and meet teachers I didn't know. Attending is optional, some teachers request an interview, particularly if the student is experiencing some difficulty at school. Matilda's school principal, (who also happens to be her best friend Maddy's Dad), impressed on me that it was just as important for parents of students who do well to attend as
those who aren't doing so well. Matilda brings home terribly "boring" school reports, always straight A's for Achievement, Conduct and Effort. We are very proud of her indeed, she will be able to travel any path her heart desires in life with the kind of results she is getting.

It was good to meet her Science & Maths teachers, especially as she is looking at Medicine as her University/Career choice. Her teachers both said she should easily be able to cope with the Maths, Chemistry and Biology required at Year 11 & 12 levels. She is also going to undertake Music Extension and (compulsory) English and keep French as her "fun" subject...yes, this makes 6 subjects, five are compulsory, any more than five is optional. This bodes well for University entrance as a new scheme has just come into play whereby if a student bundles Maths B or C, Music Extension and a Language they will a) increase their OP Score by 4 places and b) gain a dedicated place in the course of their choice at the University of their choice.

Never, ever let it be said that Matilda doesn't know what she wants...from birth she has been a very determined cookie and known exactly what she wants and makes plans to achieve this. At times it has been difficult to parent her because of this, especially when our ideas clashed. A woman I worked with, who had adult children, told me that there would be a really positive side to this determination and that I would see it in her teen very true, I now see what she meant.

But I digress...

Our last interview of the evening was with her French teacher, one of the most delightful women I know. Madame is a passionate teacher and so very dedicated to her job & her students. She takes the girls to various French films, exhibitions and cafes on weekends and after school. She organises celebrations for various French Days, there is a (belated) Bastille Day dinner coming up shortly and each week in her own time she conducts French speaking classes for students to practice their conversational French. Each year she takes the students on a trip to either New Caledonia or Paris...alternating each year so in Year 9 & 10 the students go to New Caledonia and in Year 11 & 12 they go to Paris. Madame is always bringing in little French treats for the students...pastries she has made, chocolates & other special treats. Matilda and her friends just adore her and she them.

When I saw her last week at Parent/Teacher night I thanked her for the effort she put in recently when taking Matilda & her friends into South Bank, Brisbane after school so they could work on the film they were making to send to their sister school in Paris. They had to present an aspect of Brisbane that they loved. Madame arranged tickets for them on the Brisbane Eye, filmed them and took them to a cafe for hot chocolate and pastries afterwards...again, in her own time, (and with her own funds). She told me last Tuesday how much she adores having students like Matilda & her friends in her class. She says that in her later days, when in her nursing home, that she will look back and remember the girls with great fondness. What a special thing to hear.

Every school needs a Madame (Amy from R.M.F.L., if you are reading this I put you in the same class...okay), every student should have a teacher like Madame at least once in their lives, a teacher who is passionate about their job and her students. Fortunately Matilda will have Madame to teach her for the rest of her days at secondary school...she is very blessed indeed.


So Not Wishy Washy said...

What a beautiful tribute to a most deserving teacher who obviously loves her students. Committed, loving, compassionate teachers are out there but sometimes fly under the radar due to various circumstances.

I'm so happy to hear that you recognize and appreciate all that Madame does for the betterment of her students. More so, I'm so glad that Madame does all of this because she wants to rather than she thinks she'll receive praise. Teachers like her don't come around very often.

Kel said...

Hi Kerrie- have been meaning to foreard on this website for a few weeks now, since i learnt about your midwifery interests! laurajanes blog is great- shes a mature age middy, only been practicing for a few years and her blog is brilliant!. Hope you enjoy it. Kel

lovely post, some teachers are just priceless, totaly priceless...

Kel said...

might help if i left the link!

Kerrie said...

Test comment

Laura Jane said...

Hi Kerrie

Thanks for visiting my blog, and congratulations on discovering your heart's desire!

I decided I wasn't going to die happy unless I was a midwife so I'd better get off my backside and make it happen. I too was lucky enough to have a suportive husband and I had to do the full BSc NUrsing first, as we didn't have BMid at that time. I was on the working party developing the BMid as I ended my student midwife time.

I have never regretted the fact that I had to be an RN first, it just would have meant I could be a midwife in 3 years instead of the 5.5 I took! Oh well.

If you search my site you will find many posts including stories from my practice in a major tertiary hospital. I try to be as non-identifying as possible, and I think I''m getting better at it(midwifery and blogging).

I blog about birth because it is something happening in MY life as well as for the family I attend, and at the end of my life, as for Madame (who sounds inspirational, and I love her to death from afar - everyone deserves to have at least ONE teacher like that) I will look back on these memories of doing the work I love with enormous pride and comfort.

Becoming a midwife has been, and continues to be a 'coming true' for me. My inside now matches my outside.

Best of luck, keep in touch (ooh, my WV is chdwth, almost with child)

Karin said...

Coming round to say Hi! And Yeah Matilda. It sounds like a wonderful time for her. Oh, the potential!

Hope you are doing well. I've been thinking about you.

Kel said...

Ohh, im so glad you've met laura jane, hers is a great middy blog!