Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Absurd Surds & Karma...

Matilda was sitting at the dining table tonight doing her homework utterly frustrated. She had quite a lot to catch up on as she was absent from school all of last week with the 'flu...not a heavy cold as many mistake for the 'flu, but real Influenza, she was so ill, poor love.

It was "Surds" that were frustrating her...she asked if I remembered learning about Surds and yes, I do but I can honestly say that in the 30 years since I was in Year 10 at high school, I have never, ever needed to know what a Surd was, much less have any use for them. I'm surprised they still teach such outdated and useless (IMO) maths. If anyone can tell me otherwise please do, I'd love to know a use for Surds.

Answering her questions took me right back to Year 10 maths and the sleazebag teacher I had...Mr. A, (name withheld to protect the guilty) ugh. Just writing his name makes my skin crawl. He was a very short man, wore thick glasses and had a huge moustache which often had lunch remnants trapped within. He was a heavy smoker and always reeked of cigarette smoke, his breath was quite foul. When I was in year 10 teachers were still allowed to smoke in classes, hard to believe really. It was well known and discussed among the female students that he liked to stand very close and peer down the front of our school uniforms. He would press his groin right up against the girls while checking their work and was far too touchy-feely. None of the girls ever went into his office, just off the maths room, alone, it wasn't safe. To my knowledge his highly inappropriate behaviour was never brought to the attention of the Principal. When discussing doing so among my group of friends it was felt that we would not be believed or supported so no action was taken.

I was telling Matilda about him and she was incredulous that this could happen and no action be taken. Thankfully, she and her friends won't ever be likely to have to deal with this sort of behaviour by someone in a position of power. From many discussions we have had over the years she knows that if ever anyone behaves inappropriately, whether it's at school, home, friend's home...wherever, that she will be believed and supported.

Incidentally, I Googled my year 10 maths teacher's name and discovered that he has taught at a huge number of schools over his 40 years of teaching, averaging one school per 18 months or so. He retired this year as he has lung cancer.

Karma can be such a bitch, can't it..??

***Quick update on us...

Have been rather absent of late...am still recovering and am off to see a GI Medico as my liver function is nowhere near what it should be...my energy levels are gradually getting there but it's a slow process. I also had 5 days in Melbourne last week visiting family & friends, it was so lovely to be away by myself...lovely to get home too though. While I was away Matilda came down with the 'Flu...she was really ill, couldn't get out of bed for several days and had all last week off school. She is recovering too, albeit slowly but was quite happy to go back to school today, Monday being a holiday was handy.

Have been reading all of your blogs and commenting very little, it's not personal, just taking time to get back on track. I really thought I would be much better by now and am frustrated that I'm not.

Much love...xoxo

P.S. Please pop on over to my dear friend Carla's new blog and say hello. She's an amazing woman, a newly published writer...she blogs in English, her second language...don't know how she does it all.


Lynda said...

I have absolutely no idea what a Surd is! Glad to hear Matilda is feeling better... (((hugs))) to all of you.

Watercolor said...

Hope everyone is better soon!! Hugs to all!!

Kori said...

WTH is a surd? And we had a typing teacher like that; gag. So sorry to hear Matilda has been ill, glad to hear from you, and hoping you get your go back.

Tracy, mom2many said...

hello friend!

I'm glad to see you posting again.

Sorry Matilda was so very sick, hate when the kids are sick. But glad to know both she and you are getting back to normalish.