Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Is It Really So Bad...???

To have leftover apple crumble for breakfast..??

I mean...most of it is fruit right..?? The topping is relatively healthy...I cut down on the butter, substituted about half of the flour with oats, so that's cereal, there's coconut, that's fruit too and I cut the sugar down by about a third.

I had it with vanilla yoghurt...that's healthy too, isn't it..??

You can justify anything if you try hard enough, can't you..??


Karin said...

I would have apple crumble in a SECOND for breakfast. Especially if it's made by you! So, no, it isn't bad. Because I said so!

So good to see you in blog land, missy! Will you be so good as to post about your food and recipes?? Please?

I'd put in one of those Sandy W waves if I could!!

Janice said...

oh come on....that's a no brainer---Apple crumb has fruit in it's name so clearly it passes as an acceptable breakfast food :) Now,if you can help me justify eating that chocolate brownie that sits on my kitchen counter mocking me I'd truly appreciate it!